Guitarist and Composer




Samba a Distância (Samba in the Distance) is a crossroads of many paths. Conceived in Japan and inspired by Brazilian music, the album is a meeting point for those who love to listen to extraordinary music. Marcelo Kimura navigates as captain of this musical journey with no limits on how many passengers are welcomed aboard, and with a crew that is always ready to sail.  



Kimura builds solid musical structures, like musical bridges, where the distance flows in several rhythms. Borders are redefined by the will to create, just as in the way music guides existence.  



With script in hand, Marcelo invited a free spirited friend, Bruno Tasso to draw from his well of words to connect stories, waves and landscapes.



Samba à Distância also counts on the musical knowledge and production of Daniel Baeder, a pilgrim always in search of sounds in the land of the rising sun. Kiichiro Komobuchi on bass guitar, Daniel Baeder on drums, Gustavo Anacleto on sax, Yasui Gennoshin on percussion, and two special appearances by Lorena Ly on vocals, and Mai Taguchi on Kotô. 




More worried about the mileage they still have to travel than the travel they’ve done, they keep adding ideas to this journey until it  becomes a "Samba in the Distance."